The Best Places to Visit in Rhodes, Greece

This year, Greece is the safest place to go on a trip with your loved-ones, especially the magnificent jewel hidden in the ocean, Rhodes. Biggest island of the Dodecanese, Rhodes is a unique destination where history is mixed with the beauty of the natural landscape and, every modern comfort required for a sunny vacation !

Today, get on board for a tour at what awaits you beneath the sea with the most attractive places in Rhodes !

Map of the best places to visit in Rhodes. Filerimos, Butterflies Valley, LIndos and Kamiros

Butterfly Valley of Rhodes

What about starting with a little bit of magic ? Quite unique in Europe, the Butterfly Valley, or Petaloùdes, is the best place to have a long walk near the city of Theologos. Through June to September, this area becomes the luxuriant natural home of millions of butterflies and you’ll be amazed seeing them all fly around. The best thing is you can visit the Butterfly Valley by taking a bus in front of the Blue Horizon Hotel

Filerimos Mountain

Located on the west side of the island, Filerimos Mountain is a place not to miss for all hikers and lovers of archaeological sites, christian history and peacocks ! Filled with history with the Monastery of Filerimos or the temple of Athena Polia, the mount will offer you a magnificent walk that you will remember with an amazing view on the Ialyssos Bay and the Cross of the Acropolis !

Holidays in Lindos on the island of Rhodes, Greece

The City of Lindos

If you love wandering around the remains of the great Greek history, the city of Lindos is probably the most impressive place on the island of Rhodes. Surrounded by a traditional labyrinthine city, the archaeological sites scattered around Lindos will blow your mind, especially its amazing Acropolis overlooking the landscape.

The City of Rhodes

It’s impossible to mention the best places to visit on the island of Rhodes without mentioning the namesake city and capital. Easy to access thanks to a bus stop near the Blue Horizon Hotel and once the home of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Old City of Rhodes, a citadel once the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller, is now a living testimony of the history that fills the island with a lot of traditional stalls. But Rhodes is also a cosmopolit place thanks to a modern town which allows every family to enjoy the comfort and joy of Greece with hotels, restaurants or beaches !

Holidays in the ruins of Kamiros in Rhodes

Kamiros Ruins

This island of Rhodes has a long history and one of its best testimony is the ruins of the city of Kamiros. Founded 7th century BC, the ancient town is one of the greatest archeological site of the entire isle. Travel in history and walk among the remnants of its main street, visit traces of houses of the Hellenes or the temples scattered around the city with an incredible panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea.

The Blue Horizon hotel staff is here to help you plan your trips around Rhodes whether you want to take the bus, a cab or rent a car. All three options are possible near the hotel which is a perfect starting point to go everywhere around the 1400 km² island.