Suites & Rooms

Superior Room

If you are in a relationship and plan to have a romantic stay, consider our beautiful and comfortable superior room with an amazing view of the surroundings. Situated on the fourth and top floor of the hotel, Superior Rooms offer the best view around the hotel and were newly made with better equipment and bathrooms !


The best thing with our bungalows is the natural garden that will make you feel like living just around the beach. If you’re a surfer, you’ll just have to grab your board and ride and if you come as a family, you will enjoy privacy and space for you and your children ! Newly renovated they offer comfort on par with Superior Rooms.

Double Room

The Blue Horizon Hotel is the home of all budgets and the double room is probably the best fair cost room you can come across. These rooms are great and comfortable with amazing view of the land and sea that the island of Rhodes has to offer.


Looking for a special stay in our hotel ? Our suites are probably what your are looking for, with each one design in its own way. Great for family or couples, our suites will make you feel at home if you plan to stay longer in the hotel. If you don’t, you probably will !